Wondering what I do?

As a Full Stack Developer I spend my days developing Websites from scratch, adding features to others, and deploying them to the Internet. The rest of the time you can find me sharpening my skills. Check my Github or StackOverflow


Let's get the HTML we need for you site content / markup, then let's style it with some CSS. We can add some animations too! We can get going pretty fast using Bootstrap



Then let's get your pages come to life allowing users to intereact with our elements, through DOM manipulation. We can also work with AJAX to update your pages asynchronously.



Whether your data lives in a MySQL (Relational Database) or Mongo (Document-Oriented Database), let's retrive it. We can use ORMs to interact with the data as if it was an object.


PHP / Python

Are you using PHP or Python in your Back-End? Let me help you writting elegant / well documented code that takes care of the logic of your site


Deploy / Monitor

After your Web Application is finished, it needs to be served on the Internet, and after being served it needs to be monitored. I can help with that too!

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If you have any questions about my work, let's get in contact.